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Why do people scream Ay Chihuahua when they’re surprised? Where did that start? Could it have been that because the big wide eyes of a chihuahua always make it look like it’s surprised or terrified? Guess we’ll never know, and Taco Bell definitely did not tackle this etymology here, which is sad, because they usually know the answers to everything taco-related. They are like taco marketing visionaries—but I digress, we’re here to chat chihuahuas. If you know anything about the Arizona Taco Festival, it is that we created and have enjoyed the most beloved beauty pageant in the world (sorry Miss America)—The Ay Chihuahua Beauty Pageant.

On our main stage, creative, obsessed and possibly a little crazy, chihuahua owners dress up their pooches in the most insane outfits as they strut them up and down our Scotchguarded doggie red carpet (accidents happen), hoping to win the vote of our judges as the cutest chihuahua. We thought we would tell you a few lesser-known facts about these short-haired, bug-eyed beauties in case you were considering taking one home in hopes one day entering our pageant and winning the crown or tiara (we’re doggie gender sensitive at the Arizona Taco Festival) to make sure they don’t fall prey to the Paris Hilton Effect.

Put them down Paris!

It’s easy to just carry your Chihuahua everywhere – either in your hands or in a Louis Vuitton backpack, Gucci purse, etc. But your Chihuahua needs to be treated like a dog. Walking on their own little legs and experiencing the world around him can be the difference between a well-socialized Chihuahua and one that is nervous, shivery and/or bites when people approach. Imagine how freaked out Paris’s is?! Make sure you are letting your Chihuahua be a dog and experience things as dogs should – with paws on the ground (even if you put Louboutin booties on them.)

Premiers and Nightclubs are cool, but dogs need dogs.

Chihuahuas have a natural tendency to be standoffish with other people and dogs (just like Paris,) so it’s important that they are properly socialized when young. This means having positive experiences with other people and dogs. If your dog is a rescue, this may take some time and include training with a professional trainer to help wipe away the negative experience your Chihuahua may have had before you got them.

Just because you renamed your dog, Hilton, doesn’t mean you should spoil them like one.

Another mistake that is common with many dogs is not starting training early enough. Chihuahuas are smart and can be strong-willed, so letting them know from the beginning that listening to you is a good thing will save you both heartache later on. The sooner you can start training, the better.

Money can’t buy you love.

Many people see Chihuahuas as just a tiny “purse dog.” But that is not true! Chihuahuas are intelligent dogs that were bred for a purpose and they like to have a job (even if it’s just being a social influencer.) If you don’t give them one, they will find ways to be naughty (don’t need them in a sex tape scandal.) Do activities with your Chihuahua and they will enjoy it, don’t underestimate your precious pooch.

It’s not their fault they have small bladders.

There are many little dogs at the shelter due to “behavioral issues” and often that includes having accidents in the house. Now for those of us who don’t have full-time staff to take care of all the whoopsies, be patient! You can’t expect your tiny Chihuahua to hold it in as long as a Lab does. So, if you are going to be gone for long stretches at a time, you may want to litter box train your Chihuahua. Otherwise, your little dog will either keep having accidents or will develop issues from holding it too long.