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Shots of tequila being served at the Tequila Expo at Arizona Taco Festival


By | Tequila

What is tequila?

Sounds like a dumb question right, but people often confuse this spirit with mezcal, sotol, bacanora and more. All of which we will have in our Tequila Expo. Tequila has some of the toughest regulations and can only be made in certain parts of Mexico. In order for a liquor to be classified as tequila, it must be produced in the area surrounding the city of Tequila, which includes the states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. There are two basic categories of tequila are 100% agave, which only has the sugars of the blue agave plant, and mixto (mixed), which uses no less than 51% agave, with other sugars such as glucose and fructose sugars as the remainder. In those two categories, there are five types of tequila are blanco (silver), joven (gold), reposado (aged), añejo (extra aged) and extra añejo (ultra-aged).

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A variety of tacos being had at Arizona Taco Festival

What’s Phoenix’s Favorite Food Festival?

By | Tacos

When we started this event 10 years, the first thing we decided was to be “unapologetically in-authentic.” The thinking here was that we’re not Mexican and have total white guilt as we have always cared so deeply about the food culture of the event. That said, we have always strived to bring the BEST tacos to our guests, whether cooked by a sushi restaurant, a classically trained French Chef, or a Taquero from Puebla. Truth is, we have all that and so much more.

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Winner of the Ay Chihuahua Dog Show


By | Chihuahuas, News

Why do people scream Ay Chihuahua when they’re surprised? Where did that start? Could it have been that because the big wide eyes of a chihuahua always make it look like it’s surprised or terrified? Guess we’ll never know, and Taco Bell definitely did not tackle this etymology here, which is sad, because they usually know the answers to everything taco-related. They are like taco marketing visionaries—but I digress, we’re here to chat chihuahuas. If you know anything about the Arizona Taco Festival, it is that we created and have enjoyed the most beloved beauty pageant in the world (sorry Miss America)—The Ay Chihuahua Beauty Pageant.

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