SEE YOU IN 2020!


In partnership with

Community Canine Project

Ever see a Chihuahua dressed as a taco? How about a bumble bee? No? Well then, this iconic contest is the one for you to feast your eyes on and your funny bone. As the founders of the infamous Chihuahua Beauty Pageant, we know that these taco-spirited creatures are a real crowd pleaser, which is why we’re are extending the pageant to TWO days this year! On the day of the pageant, 20+ chihuahuas will strut their furry stuff on stage, walking up and down our red carpet, dressed in the most fabulous outfits from their zany owners, who are living their absolute best life.

If you are going for likes on Insta, this is the contest you want to be getting shots of. Kids from the crowd are our judges, which only ups the ante on the cuteness factor of this event. The contest runs both days of the event.

The winning Chihuahua receives a crown/tiara and an engraved dog gold bowl.