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What’s Phoenix’s Favorite Food Festival?

By August 13, 2019 February 6th, 2020 Tacos
A variety of tacos being had at Arizona Taco Festival

When we started this event 10 years, the first thing we decided was to be “unapologetically in-authentic.” The thinking here was that we’re not Mexican and have total white guilt as we have always cared so deeply about the food culture of the event. That said, we have always strived to bring the BEST tacos to our guests, whether cooked by a sushi restaurant, a classically trained French Chef, or a Taquero from Puebla. Truth is, we have all that and so much more.

The Latin influence on our country, et al…is real and we have known and respected that fact for over a decade.
From all walks of culture—fashion, food, sports, music, film, art…you can see Latin influence everywhere.
Tacos cross cultural lines, brings people together. Tacos aren’t exclusive, they’re inclusive. I mean — “WHO DOESN’T LOVE TACOS?™”

Whether you’re on your superyacht in St. Barth’s and find a fish taco shack on the beach to lounge at or you had a crappy day at work and just want a couple of tacos and a beer from your favorite taco street cart — Tacos are universal. “FROM BEACH TO BARRIO”™ we all dream about the simplicity of a great taco.

Now more than ever it’s important for us to all ‘get along’ and if Tacos can help bring all our cultures together in peace, fun, and celebration, then we say YASSSSSSSSS! Pass the Salsa! More guac por favor! We’ll pay extra!
Listen, who’s going to argue with the Latin-leverage of J-Lo, Pitbull, and Enrique? Not us. We love Latin music and always have showcased the best our city has to offer. And we have a lot to offer in that dept and you will see them performing on our main music stage.

Celebrating Mexican Culture

Don’t get us started on the Luchadores. We found our first group of these masked men at the Grand Mercado downtown and invited them to perform at our event. We have had Lucha Libre Wrestling ever since and have exposed many happy people from all walks of life, ages, and cultures to this amazingly fun entertainment.

This year we are also creating a “Culture Tent” which will be curated by local famed artist Gennaro Garcia and other Mexican luminaries. Again, INCLUSIVE, not EXCLUSIVE. This tent will showcase Art, Design, Fashion, Photography and more that will reflect what we call “Taco Spirit” and Mexican Culture. We may be irreverent, but we’re sincere and we respect the immense impact and influence the Latino culture has had on our country and our event.

But let’s face it, at the end of the day, we’re a taco festival, we’re not curing Cancer, not changing the world, and not telling people what side of the fence to sit (unless you can’t get a good view of the Luchadores.)
We’re all about fun and safe time, crushing the best tacos our city has to offer and celebrating the passion that every single person participating in our event puts into it. That ranges from the chefs to the performers, to the security that keeps us safe, the guys that put up the tents and banners—EVERYONE!
It takes a village to do this event and ours is populated with some good vibes and we’re all high on Taco Spirit (and tequila). J/K, not really. lol