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My Nana’s Best Tasting


Holy Hot Sauce Tent

Our new My Nana’s Best Tasting Hot Sauce Expo will be curated by the raddest pepper aficionado we know, Vic Clinco. Vic owns has the LARGEST collection of hot sauces in the country and he happens to be here in Phoenix. He will be personally inviting the top guys in the hot sauce biz to showcase their craft to those who like it hot and Shamrock Farms will be there to cool you down with their milk.

Here, guests get to taste AND vote on the most eclectic and fearsome hot sauces, in the hottest tent at the event!

Are you in the market for a sauce with right amount of kick to flavor ratio? As the hot sauce industry is heating up, we know that you are reaching for the condiments to satiate your desire for a sauce that is just right for your pallet. Featuring a wide variety of crafted sauces, whether it’s sweet and tangy, or a nice flavorful punch to the face, this expo is designed to meet the demands of your mouth’s most flavorful dreams.

All featured hot sauces will also be available for sale, which makes it even cooler that you can try them all before committing, while meeting the makers that create their fiery fabulousness. We provide the chips for all your sampling and munchies pleasure.

As if this grand hot sauce display isn’t enough, we will also have a pepper garden, where you can learn your Carolina Reaper from your Tinidad Scorpion (rubber gloves provided!), a fire breather on the patio, pepper centerpieces on all the tables and of course to cool you down your burning mouths, complimentary milk delivered by a traditional white uniformed milkman.

Get your selfies in front of our instagrammable photo walls, pepper décor all around the tent, as well as a photo booth inside, so you can capture your hot times.

There will also be entertainment running around the tent to try and take your minds off your burning mouths if only for a minute.

Tickets to this tent are an add-on of $10 bucks.

In the wise words of Beyoncé, “I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag.”


Addicted Sauce Co.

Anthony Spices, LLC.

Arizona Pepper Products

Big Reds


Cutino Hot Sauce

Gunny Sauces

Heartbreaking Dawn’s

High Desert Sauce Co.

Hot Shots Distributing Inc.

Jupiter Rings

Precious Sauces LLC.

Rising Hy


Sonoran Spice

The King of BBQ


Chips for taste-testing provided by:

My Nanas Best Tasting

Mouth soothing Milk provided by:

Shamrock Farms

Ice cold Pops provided by:

AZ Pops