SEE YOU IN 2020!


Lucha Libre Arena

Masked wrestlers, bands, bars, all in a huge structured tent, straight out of a Tarantino movie minus Salma Hayek and the yellow python. That said, if you know Salma and have a python, please contact us!

These masked, professional wrestlers are a crowd favorite with their epic wresting skills. Be aware of these action-packed smackdowns, while Lucha’s defy gravity, dive across the ring, and most of the time, are launched into the audience.

Our covered Lucha Arena will be like walking into a dangerous club in Tijuana minus the donkey show (if you get our drift). This action-packed arena has bleacher seating surrounding the wrestling ring, so everyone gets a seat and a great view. In between matches, we’ve got you covered with sexy bands and booze, because we know you Taco Lovers like to keep the vibe and margaritas flowing.

There will also be a couple of huge bars inside, making this the place to hang, get your tequila shots on, and feel transported to another time and place. #TeleportToTijuana

You never know, maybe Nacho Libre will make an appearance with Ramses…