After completing culinary school, Carter cooked at Scottsdale’s La Chaumiere, and became obsessed the artistry, demands, and disciplines of French gastronomy. His experience there inspired him to pursue additional classical training in France, where he took courses at Le Cordon Bleu and apprenticed at various Parisian restaurants. When Matt Carter returned to Arizona from Europe in 1992, his credentials landed him the Chef de Partie job at Christopher Gross’s highly acclaimed Phoenix restaurant Christopher’s. Carter cooked at Gross’s restaurant for over six years, ascending to the position of Chef de Cuisine until a chance meeting with Thomas Keller in 1998 would lead to an opportunity at Keller’s- world renowned French Laundry.

After working as Chef Poissonnier in one of America’s most illustrious kitchens, Carter returned to Scottsdale and in 2001 collaborated with restaurateur Terry Ellisor to create the Zinc Bistro,

In 2008, Carter opened The Mission restaurant, which serves Modern Latin Cuisine. The idea originated from Carter’s Arizonan upbringing and his deep love for weekend pig roasts, serving friends and family slow-roasted, homemade pork tacos.

Next he opened The House Brasserie less than a mile away in Scottsdale. Renovating the second-oldest house in downtown Scottsdale, this new venture has already enjoyed rave reviews. There, Carter blends disciplined French techniques with globally inspired dishes. With three great restaurants under his belt, all before hitting age 45, Carter still has an exciting career ahead of him. He still even helps out and washes the occasional dish or two.
Sergio Ganoa