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Tequila Expo
Asking a tequila drinker…
“what’s your favorite tequila,”
is like asking a parent…
“which is your favorite child?”

This magical spirit literally from the earth, has been harvested into a multi-billion dollar industry. Just ask George Clooney (as if he and his crew needed more money).

But with all the tequila options out there, where does one begin? Or if you’re a seasoned tequila drinker, how do you keep up with the new amazing agave-based spirits coming to market? Or even more importantly, which tequilas will go best with the hundreds of different tacos that will be competing at the festival? Maybe a nice rich extra añejo with that rich pork belly taco, or perhaps a lighter reposado with your al pastor? We’ll get out of your way and leave the pairing up to your palette, our job is to supply the goods!

With over 100 tequilas at your fingertips, our famous Tequila Expo has every type of tequila drinker covered. Everything from smooth oak barrel-aged Tequilas to smoky Mezcals, to Sotols (produced in a manner similar to the more common artisanal Mezcals of central Mexico) to Bacanoras (with a flavor that lands somewhere between Tequila and Mezcal) — all this and more, will be found in our massive structured tent.

From classic brands with master distillers like Don Julio, Herradura, El Tesoro, Tapatio, Ocho to newer and trending brands like Patron, Azuñia, Partida, Fortaleza and of course — Casamigos, all will be found in our expo. These brands and more, love to bring out all their expressions and some offer fabulous cocktails for guests to sample, made with their agave.

Inside the expo, guests will get to sample our incredible lineup of Tequilas while also branching out into the emerging popularity of Mezcals, Sotols, and Bacanoras.

Best part, you will get to learn about all these amazing agave spirits directly from their makers and ambassadors who will be showing off their agave at the Expo.

And let’s face it, at the end of the day, you get to mix, mingle, sample and play in the biggest Tequila Expo around. Who knows, you might even learn something new to impress your friends!

Tickets to the Tequila Expo are $20 in addition to your entrance ticket. You will receive a tabbed wristband with 10 tabs to tear off for 10 samples of all our premium options. Quite a deal if you do the math! REMEMBER- THE HOURS OF THIS TENT ARE FROM 12PM-5PM!